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About Iron Shamrock

Faith. Family. Fitness...

These are the 3 petals of our shamrock...Iron, meaning unwavering, resolute, determined.  At CrossFit Iron Shamrock, your will becomes like iron...strong and steadfast, to help you on your journey to a healthier and fitter you.


While every CrossFit box has its own feel and sense of purpose, at the Iron Shamrock you are a part of our family. Truly. When you walk through the door, you are with brothers and sisters in the similar battle of improving our lives--mentally, physically, even spiritually.When you enter the Shamrock you have come home. You are safe. You are with family. Here there is no judgement...no jockeying for position...no comparing yourself to others. Here you ARE an athlete! When you walk in, you commit to working at your best...not someone else's.

The definition of CrossFit is to become fit and healthy by working on constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity. That, to me sounded a bit scary and daunting. The reality is that everyone can do CrossFit...it meets you where you are. I will tell you a little about the technical side in a few minutes.

Because, honestly...the most important part of what CrossFit really is, is that it is a community committed to seeing you succeed in the gym and in your life outside of it. We come together as individuals...we are moms and dads, lawyers and police. We are doctors and teachers, students and military.

We are the people that make fairy tales come to life. We are your next door neighbor, your babysitter, your mom...
so why shouldn't it be you?


The Shamrock is a place where we gather to release the stress of our days and to fight for ourself. And in that fight, you are not alone.

We are there for one another, lifting each other up, pushing each other forward, and always encouraging. We work through days that leave us frustrated. We celebrate victories...big and small.

We sweat together, we bleed together, we laugh together, and we grow together.

On the technical side CFIS is where you want to go for the very best in coaching. Our coaching staff come from a variety of venues and have made CrossFit and fitness their focus. Technique is the foundation we build upon everyday. Learning proper form in lifting, gymnastics, even in running will be the best prescription you can write for yourself. Let us help you become your healthiest you.


Whether you want to simply get a bit more fit--to be able to load that suitcase into the overhead bin, or crawl around with your toddler..or if you choose to pursue the actual sport of CrossFit and want to train, CrossFit Iron Shamrock is the perfect place to get you there. Our coaches are prepared to work with you at every level.


Some people feel limited due to health issues or past injuries. Here is the best news you will hear...CrossFit is the PERFECT venue for you! Why? Because we teach you how to move in ways that are parallel to real life. You learn how to move and grow stronger so that the limitations you have had, are reduced. It is our mission to see you have your best success in simply going about your daily tasks.

There is no age limit to CrossFit...you can't be too young, or too old to get fit. Getting fit fights the reality of aging and postpones our decrepitness. There is so much to do and see...come with us so you can continue to live your life, rather than reading about others!

If you have considered doing something new for yourself, come check us out!!!   We offer a free trial class and you can get a feel for the combination of fun and fitness to be found at the Iron Shamrock!!


Monday through Friday
5:30, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, and 9:30am
5:00, 6:00, and 7:00pm

8:00 and 10:00am

Open Gym Sundays