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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is an integrated approach to fitness that builds strength and increases endurance with high intensity workouts that are adaptable to any level of conditioning. Rather than working muscles in isolation, CrossFit exercises involve the entire body, a method that gets balanced results much more quickly than traditional programs which separate the weight room from the aerobics studio. CrossFit workouts have been designed for marines and middle school kids, ultra-marathoners and ultra-couch-potatoes, grandmothers and grand masters.

What makes CrossFit Iron Shamrock different from other gyms?

The CrossFit program is designed to give you maximum results in a shorter time duration. Our program is your regimen. We provide you with the necessary tools you need to achieve your fitness goals, and guide you through the workout every step of the way.

Most people go to the gym daily and waste their valuable time, doing the same thing day in and day out. Here at CrossFit you will notice a difference in how you look, how you feel, your strength and endurance. If you follow our plan, we guarantee results! And at The Iron Shamrock we are a community that is more like a family. We love hanging out and goofing off together! We have a dodgeball team, Girl's Night Out, SuperHero Day, and just wait till the week of St. Patrick's Day!

Do I have to be in shape to take CrossFit classes?

No. CrossFit is meant for people of all levels, from the complete beginner to an advanced athlete. Every CrossFit workout is scalable. Each movement, from push-ups to pull-ups or weightlifting, can be modified so that people of all fitness levels can perform the workout of the day.

Do I need prior experience to take classes?

No. Our trainers are here to guide you through your first CrossFit experience, and will take care to make sure you are performing the exercises safely and effectively.

How do I register and pay for CrossFit?

When you decide that the Shamrock is the right fit for you, we will guide you through an online registry that will track your progress, allow your month to month membership billing, and will even work for picking up extra merchandise!

Do I have to sign up for a Long-Term Contract?

No. We have many different membership-type options. We have unlimited monthly memberships and three times a week monthly memberships, For further details, please view or Membership/Sign-up Page.

What should I expect at my first CrossFit class?

The CrossFit community is extremely supportive of all of its members. You should expect a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with many to turn to should you have any questions about the Workout of the Day (WOD). We typically start with 15 minutes of light warm up and then perform the WOD. This can consist of anything from pushups, pull-ups, and squats, to rowing, dumbbells, and deadlifting. We borrow elements from every fitness program (weightlifting, gymnastics, track, rowing….) and blend them together to create a short, intense WOD that is greater than just the sum of its parts. Our specialty is not specializing…..we strive to be good at everything. The clock starts, the music gets turned up and you work to the finish.

What time should I arrive for a CrossFit Class?

Members should arrive right when class begins (or a little before). For instance, if class is at 5:00 pm, members should arrive at 5:00 or a few minutes earlier. They will then be led through a group warm-up by the trainer. The trainer will then go over the WoD with the entire class and field questions that anyone may have about the movements.

What should I bring and wear when I attend a CrossFit class?

You should come to CrossFit classes in clothes that are comfortable to exercise in and flat-soled shoes (as opposed to running shoes).

After I sign up, how often should I come?

We recommend roughly 3- 5 days a week, even for beginners. The more you are willing to fully commit, the faster you will reach your goals. Your trainer will be there to guide you and make sure that you scale appropriately so you will not get mentally and/or physically overwhelmed.

What if I have an injury? What if I’m pregnant? Should I still come in?

ABSOLUTELY! We are qualified in and have vast experience with working around injuries, as well as with pregnant women. CrossFit’s trademark constantly varied workouts allow for you to have a wide range of movements and lifts available for you to work on, regardless of the location and severity of your injury, and regardless of the size of your baby bump! Not only will this help keep you in shape while you are rehabing, or going through your pregnancy but it has been scientifically proven that continuing to exercise while injured AND pregnant (when done appropriately) actually helps to SPEED your recovery in both situations!

What nutrition guidelines do you recommend?

Meat and vegetables, some fruit, nuts and seeds, little starch and no sugar. Most in the CrossFit community follow this, the “Paleo Diet.” The Paleo Diet is about quality of food. Think simple first…..eliminate all sugars from your diet, then all processed and refined carbohydrates, then eliminate dairy. Your diet should consist of mainly meat and veggies. If you can stay consistent 80% of the time then you are light years ahead of the average American. The important thing to remember is not to get overwhelmed. Simply taking that first step of playing an active, rather than passive, role in your nutrition is key!